About Karin

Karin Helmstaedt is a Canadian journalist, TV host and reporter based in Berlin. Alongside an impressive first career as an international swimmer, she studied in Toronto, Montreal and Paris before diving into journalism, covering major sporting events and stories from Olympic Games to the historic German Doping Trials.

She joined Germany’s global TV broadcaster Deutsche Welle in 1999, and has been a regular on-camera personality ever since, presenting a variety of news and culture magazine formats as well as live panels and events. Her current beat is as a reporter and moderator for DW’s Culture Department.

Known for her authentic and down-to-earth style, Karin is also a sought-after moderator and consultant for high-level conferences and events around Europe. Her cross-cultural background and experience with issues like sustainability, ESG, and Europe’s green transition are appreciated by clients from a broad range of sectors including communications, civil protection, rail transport & logistics, petrochemicals and plastics.